Is IPL Laser Hair Removal Safe? What Are The

Is IPL Laser Hair Removal Safe? What Are The

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At-home system results may also fall short of professional hair removal treatments, since those procedures are conducted by licensed specialists and use more advanced technology. Generally, having doctors with years of training and expertise perform laser hair removal can help reduce the chance of complications, so it's worth looking into professional services.

- How intense pulsed light works
- How many treatments they'll likely need
- The time it takes to perform each treatment
- Whether IPL is suitable for their skin type depending on the results they're looking for (i.e. IPL pigment removal will not work on darker skin tones) - What machine and equipment your business uses
- How the equipment works (including heating and cooling considerations)
- Who performs the treatment
- What to communicate to the operator during the procedure
- Post procedure care especially in regards to sun exposure
- When they can expect to see results

You may have heard someone talking about ipl treatment as if it were just another laser treatment for your skin, but that isn't entirely true. While ipl treatment does make use of a device that spreads wavelengths of light onto your skin just like any other laser treatment, there are some things that are quite different about the ipl laser used for these treatments.

If you are female and have noticeable facial hair you know that this can be embarrassing. Furthermore it can really make you feel unattractive and not very feminine either. IPL laser hair removal is a great solution if you have noticeable facial hair that you want to target. It does not matter what your skin tone is, either, because this treatment works just as well on people of all skin tones and on all hair colors and textures.

IPL works to loosen hair and put an end to the cells associated with new hair growth by using intense light that is converted into heat as it makes contact with the follicles. Most of the hair will not grow back at all, while residual pieces will reappear lighter and thinner than before. Overall, IPL hair removal is considered far more advanced in destroying hair follicles because of its increased power and intense light beams. During the process, some fear pain, but the procedure hurts less than waxing with the help of effective cooling. Results are also seen within the first treatment, as the 30% of hair in the growth stage is effectively eliminated.

How does the laser hair removal system work? IPL stands for intense pulsed light. The unit emits laser light, or a spray of laser light in quick, short bursts or impulses. The laser beams targets hair follicles, once the light hits the skin it converts into heat energy, and continues through the skin to the root. Once the light or energy hits the hair root, it dies instantly. The IPL is a lot safer than a traditional laser light unit is, because the laser is not as powerful, therefore, it decreases the chances of errors. However, because it is not as powerful as a traditional laser it may take several treatment sessions to achieve the desired results.

You will need more than one IPL treatment to completely get rid of the hair in most cases. You can have the procedure performed on virtually every area of the body, including sensitive areas such as the bikini line. Once you go through the initial consultation and are sure that the procedure is right for you and will work well with your skin, you will get in the chair for the procedure. It doesn't take a lot of time, especially if you are doing smaller areas of skin.

IPL laser equipment is the new trend for the modern era in hair removal and skin rejuvenation. This technology is used notably by beauty studios and medical practitioner for attending various skin problems .This has been proved to improve the appearance of discolorations of skin-red, brown or black. As different skin has different reactions, the equipment is adjusted according to specific wavelength depending on the skin, targeting the chromophores. Thus, one can say this equipment is a boon to mankind when it comes to beautifying oneself, carrying any sort of skin problem.

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