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Ceremony Package 2

This is the second level of what we offer for wedding ceremonies.  When you need more than just a microphone for the officiant, this is the perfect choice.  This is designed to handle the most complex ceremonies.  We can play music whlile guests are being seated as well as any other various songs needed during the duration of the ceremony.  Also, we bring a wireless lavalier which can be stragically hidden on the officiant to keep it out of the pictures being taken. 


For anyone who may be doing a reading during the ceremony we offer a wireless microphone on a stand so their hand are free for notes they may need during their portion of the ceremony.  For guitarists, keyboardists or any other musician who is participating in the ceremony, we also help ensure they can be heard by getting them hooked into our system as well. 

Here is a brief list of what this services includes:


A skilled, expeienced sound engineer to set up and run all of the equipment


Ability to seemlessly extend music pieces during the ceremony to make sure the music is long enough for a given group of people to walk down the aisle


A pair of high quality speakers carefully chosen for sound quality and even coverage over distance


Speaker stands to elevate the speakers to the proper height


Speaker stand skirts to conceal wiriing from ground to speaker and give a clean appearance


High grade, broadcast quality wireless equipment for uncompromising sound quality


Audio equipment components mounted in a custom designed case for the best aesthetics


Each electrical cable is black for the best concealment when placed across the ground


Online planning system to help you make notes and keep track of the wedding ceremony participants


Vast array of wedding ceremony music both traditional and modern complied from online resources and past events