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An Overview


A disc jockey just sits behind a table and plays music off of a laptop right?  Not ours!  Our disc jockeys can do much more than just play music, they are there to entertain.  They engage the audience, respond to requests, and make any and all of the announcements just to name a few of the many duties.  It is like having a music director, lighting technician, a professional emcee and a coordinator all rolled into one person. 


Music Selection


You are probably wondering with all of the music we carry, how in the world do we figure out what to play? The entertainer's knowledge of the music and the ability to decide minute to minute what to play to keep the night going is what truly makes the difference.  There is a growing trend of people who are using Ipods rf their laptops in the attempt to save money on entertainment for the events.  The reason why that approach does not work is the tempo and mood of the night is highly dynamic.  Each song played and the reaction of the guests affects the choice of music the entertainer makes as the next selection.  In addition to that, very event is completely unique and what guests respond to can only be determined at that given moment.  The music selections our entertainers bring with them are enormous and the combination those songs can be played are mind-boggling. 


Classy & Fun


Have you ever seen a dj that is the center of attention?  Each and every entertainer keeps the focus on you, the client, and keeps your guests there and having a great time.  Although all of the entertainers are very comfortable on the microphone, they also know there is a the delicate balance of using it too much.  Besides you and your guests are there to hear music, not a morning radio talk show!!