When was the last time you sang in the car?  Are you THAT person at the stop light who just got spotted by the car next to you?  We have all been there and now it is time to share that talent!! Even if you are not a singer, you may have an undiscovered Celine Dion, John Travolta or Olivia Newton-John on the guest list and they love to sing in front of everyone.  Karaoke is in many of the nightclubs because it is simply fun just to sit and watch people ham it up on the microphone.  Even if people sing badly, it still makes for a great show and a ton of laughter.




There are plenty of ways to do karaoke and we truly take it to the next level.  We use the exact same equipment that is used on major stage performances!  All of the microphones are wireless and we also set up flat screen televisions on the floor so the singers can read the words.  In addition to that, we offer floor audio monitors so that the singers can hear the karaoke track in addition to themselves.  We have the ability to record the performances for downloading off of our website within a few days after the conclusion of the event.




Karaoke music is specially designed without the actual vocal performance in the track since it is provided by a live singer.  We keep our collection completely up to date and can satisfy many of the requests on the spot.  In the past, the only way for singers to find songs is to look through a huge book of songs to find what they wanted to sing, write the request on a paper song request slip and turn it in. 

We have made this part of the karaoke singing process much easier.  Our karaoke song book is online!  You can use your smart phone to pull up the available songs, make your request and your name will be put into queue.  No standing in line, no more wondering when you are going to sing.  Just tap, request and enjoy.  Of course if you want to come up and request a song in person, that is okay too.  We promise not to bite!