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Lighting & Effects


Dazzling lighting can create an awesome atmosphere for any event, but is especially important on your wedding day.  Spend some time looking at our different options so you can decide what’s the best way to showcase your special day.  We bring it all, depending upon the package you choose...we have stationary lights, moving lights, and lights that emit shapes, including custom messages.  Lighting can add a new element to your event, and many clients reported they would have budgeted more for awesome lighting, if they knew how many choices there were.


Lighting can be used to add a spark to your celebration, and bringing guests to the dance floor to stay!  And, the more impressive your lighting, the more your guests will remember what a great event it was!  We can spotlight special guests, speakers and hosts, as well as feature important events, dances and announcements.  


Creative lighting can even add a texture to the walls by emitting a shape or pattern to stylize the evening!