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Engagement Party


Wow! I never thought of that!

Why not make your announcement a party!? We bring music, lights, video screens and fun to your location! It’s a great time to introduce important people from the families to each other, possibly working together over the time leading up to your big day.


Who does What?

Usually, the bride’s parents sponsor the first official celebration. The groom can throw a party as well, and sometimes both families can come together with a larger event. Either way, we can expand the sound and lights to handle your event. You may even have a group of close friends or parents’ good friends that want to host a cocktail party in your honor. It’s a nice way for parents to invite friends who may not be coming to the wedding.


When should I have my Engagement Party?

Usually a couple of months before the wedding is ample time to schedule your engagement party. You don’t want to be too far away from the wedding date, or too close.


What to Serve

This kind of party can be held in a club, someones home, or in a private party room in a restaurant or hall, if you have a large number of people planning to attend. While there’s no reason to go overboard on food for this size event, you’ll want to keep guests happy with little things to nibble and drink.


What to Wear

It’s a party! Dress fun! Save your formal wear for your wedding day...a cocktail dress, depending on the season of your event, is usually in style for the girls, guys, go “business casual”, khakis, a dress shirt, and maybe a sport jacket. You’ll be meeting lots of people, so you’ll want to be able to move freely among your guests. On your invitations, be sure to tell your guests the dress code...they’ll appreciate it!


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