Not Just Music… Entertainment! Since every reception is completely different from the next, we bring in your personal touch to each one. We assume the responsibility for every part of the reception and we love what we do. From working closely with the venue, caterer, photographer and videographer, we ensure the evening flows smoothly. Although the notion of picking music seems a rather daunting task, we can help lead you through the whole process, step by step. Whether you enjoy picking every song, some of the songs or just want to give us an idea of what you like and let us use our skills to keep everyone dancing, we know how keep all of your guests there all the way to the end.



We offer a tremendous value when it comes to providing for the ceremony if it is going to be at the same location as your reception. We bring everything necessary to make your ceremony perfect. From the wireless microphone for the minister, to the music, the professional speaker systems, and an audio technician, we make sure that everyone attending the ceremony can hear what is being said at the altar. Even if a string quartet is responsible for supplying the music, most of the time they do not travel with a full sound system sufficient to make their instruments and talent clearly heard to the back of the aisle. That’s where we come in. We take your ceremony and use our many years of experience to make everyone attending the ceremony feel every word, every note, every tear. That is a powerful thing.



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What happens at the party, we keep secret!  Schedule a cool party full of music, video screens, awesome lighting and all the extras in a combined bachelor/bachelorette bash, or, individually!  We can set up in a party room, hotel room or other venue of your choice, and keep everyone bopping to the top sounds of today and yesterday. Live it up with a cool DJ party at your favorite local hangout, instead of blowing your last dime in Vegas!  Ladies, it can be as quaint as a dinner party with relaxing music at home, to an all out party room bash at your favorite club or VIP room.  Guys, a commemorative golf tournament or sporting event is cool, followed by a DJ inspired after party at your place!   We can even include lighting, and photo slide shows! Our DJ’s are experts at driving the crowd’s great mood, either following your musical choices from our music library or just reading the response of the guests, either way, its a party!